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FEnomenal Leaders

Each of our weekends is led by a team of purpose-filled women who warmly share their knowledge, skills, and inspiration through their own divine lens. Meet the ladies who graced our Spring 2023 retreat below!


Our Presenters

Allegra Courtright

Reclaiming Sound

Allegra moved to Butte in 2019 from Canada. She’s earned a bachelors of science in kinesiology, a master’s in neurosciences and works primarily as a registered nurse. She started playing the cello when she was 5, and has played in numerous ensembles, most recently including the Butte Symphony. She is an advocate for mindful movement awareness and enjoys incorporating her cello into her yoga teachings. She avidly enjoys traveling, reading, and sharing acquired knowledge. Gaining new insight and connecting concepts is something that motivates Allegra to continue to grow.

Mia Duenas

Reclaiming The Master Mind

Mia found her way to meditation from her yoga practice. Living in New York, she had a long-time practice at Jivamukti, a yoga school that emphasized that the goal of any asana practice was to prepare the mind and body to sit in meditation.

Mia started meditating on her own, picking up tips here and there. With her practice having developed on its own for more than a decade, in 2019 she finally got serious, sought out formal instruction, and found her way to the Three Jewels center. At the end of that year, she graduated from Three Jewels’ 200-hour teacher training program, although she had no intention of teaching at the time. 

In 2020, Mia moved to Montana, another big city covid-transplant working remotely from more scenic digs. After settling in, she looked for a meditation center or group, teacher, anything to help her further her practice.  Sadly, she found none. She decided to teach herself and, to her surprise, has learned so much from and has deepened her practice in sharing it with others. 

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Jamie Reynolds Headshot.jpg

Jamie Reynolds

Reclaiming Divine Gifts

Jamie Reynolds is a professional life coach who walks women through unique and challenging periods of life. As an expert in transition and transformation, she helps her clients transform their fears into their greatest strengths and truths. Jamie holds a master's degree in education with more than 25 years of teaching and coaching experience. She lives in Missoula, MT, where she, her husband, and their two teenagers are thriving in their own transitions and transformations.

At FEnomenon, Jamie will take you on an intimate journey to your Divine gifts, leaving you with a more profound belief in yourself and a deeper connection with your purpose.

Amy Lowney

Reclaiming Your Birth Right

Amy Lowney is a Butte native that spent nearly a decade working in the medical field as a registered nurse. Amy decided to shift the trajectory of her life by taking a new path as a holistic practitioner, where she specializes as a licensed massage therapist, craniosacral therapist for pregnancy, conception, and postpartum, a natural childbirth educator and holistic birth coach, and an advocate of honoring life in all stages of the human experience.

She is also a mother to three beautiful sons, an Earth lover and advocate, and a personal development junkie that is always open to exploring the many learnings and explorations of finding the joy in life.

Amy will be guiding you through Reclaiming Your Birth Right, an experience to guide you into rebirthing yourself into realignment in your mind, body, and spirit. 

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Hillary Lester Headshot.jpg

Hillary Lester

Reclaiming Spiritual Connection

Hillary Lester is a Spiritual Medium who connects ordinary people to their spiritual self through potent messages and powerful spiritual readings. A multi-passionate individual, she is also a jewelry maker/owner of Crafted with Light and a cohost of the Sounds of the World podcast.


Hillary has been using her own spiritual connection for 20+ years and has been offering readings to the public since 2021. She also holds both a Bachelors and Masters in Music and currently resides in Billings, MT with her fiancé and two goldendoodles.

Amy Denson


Amy Denson is a retired professional athlete who went from playing basketball all over the world to battling professional fatigue when diagnosed with her second autoimmune disorder in 2016.  From her rock bottom moment when she didn't recognize the face staring back at her in the mirror she said enough is enough and took her health into her own hands. 


She has since become certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner who helps women who are struggling with thyroid disorders reclaim their health and power through food, movement,  and stress management.  


Amy is a former Division 1 basketball athlete at Arizona State University and spent eight years playing professional basketball in five different countries.  When her playing days came to an end, Amy coached Division 1 women's basketball at Portland State University where she also received her Master's degree in Educational Leadership & Policy.


When not working alongside women, you can find her out in nature with her husband and dogs, chasing her niece and nephews, or planning her next travel adventure.

Amy Denson headshot.png

Deb Penner

Reclaiming Interdependence

Reclaiming Emotional Sovereignty


Deb Penner is your retreat host. Deb is a life coach for women, as well as an author, speaker, creator of community, and an unfailingly passionate guide for women. She believes when women come home to themselves, they open the door to magic. It's Deb's mission to offer her sisters permission, provocation, and powerful tools to do just that--to find their authentic center and live joyfully from that space.


A professional change agent for nearly 20 years, Deb loves walking beside women as they shed layers of cultural expectation to uncover their unique light. She brings vibrant energy, compassion, and practical strategies to her clients and followers, and lives to see women at their best, individually and in community. 

When she's not managing mindsets or smashing limitations, you'll find Deb outdoors with her two dogs, in the kitchen falling deeper in love with food, or curled up with a book.

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