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FEnomenal Leaders

Each of our weekends is led by a team of purpose-filled women who warmly share their knowledge, skills, and inspiration through their own divine lens. Our Spring 2024 team is coming together now. Stay tuned to meet more of our FEnomal presenters!

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Our Presenters

Stephanne Cox

Reclaiming The Masculine & Feminine Energies

Stephanne Cox is a Certified Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Psychic Medium.  Let's start with the basics. She began her spiritual education by becoming certified as a Reiki I and II practitioner in July of 2016. Then in November of 2016, began seeing and hearing spirit. She started practicing medium readings in December of 2016 with friends and then medium readings for others in March of 2017. In August of 2017 she became a Certified Reiki Master Teacher.  Soon, she realized that she was also psychic and began helping others with this skill as well.  In May of 2020 Stephanne became a Certified Spiritual Empowerment Coach.  Then, in May of 2021 she became a Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor.  Everything advanced way beyond what she ever thought possible. Stephanne was on a journey to embrace who she was as a spiritual being having a human experience in every aspect.


In May of 2022, Stephanne had a medical diagnosis that again helped her expand her spiritual education.  The universe was asking her to go deeper into her inner-healing where before she had only scratched the surface.  Diving deeper helped Stephanne to REALLY connect with the true essence of who she was so that she could go beyond her emotions, ego and human definition.  


Stephanne has learned so much over the years.  Now, she understands that her life purpose is to serve, coach, mentor and teach others that they can connect with the true essence of who they are to live more meaningful lives. Leading you out of the dark and into the light.  Finding the balance and peace within. 

Lou Bleck

Reclaiming Elemental Coherence

Lou lives in the southwest corner of Montana with her partner and 2 beautiful kids. She has forever forged the path less traveled by and sought to promote holistic wellness particularly from a spiritual viewpoint. A goat trainer and property manager part time, a soul retrieval yogic healer full time. With an extensive background in the Yogic sciences, trained in India, her grounded presence is supportive and uplifting.


Lou will be your guide through Reclaiming Elemental Coherence, intertwining both challenging, intuitive and mindful movement along with plenty of rest (kundalini kriya yoga). Exploring the elements present within the body and proclaiming our nurturing feminine energy through a variety of music and Naad (sacred sound current).

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Lela O'Bryant

Reclaiming Connectivity

Lela began dancing before she was born. At the age of 2, her mom put her in Ballet classes at Evergreen School of Dance in Everett, Washington. That training was briefly interrupted by a move to Montana where, at the age of 6, Lela restarted her Ballet training at Allegro School of Dance in Helena. Favorite roles include Mary in Mary Poppins, Captain Hook in Peter Pan and Baloo in The Jungle Book. In 2004, she received a scholarship through the Montana Dance and Arts Association to study at the Montana Ballet Company’s Summer Intensive.

Lela received a BFA in Costume Design and Technology and a Minor in Dance from the University of Montana in Missoula in 2010. Her studies exposed her to various styles of Modern Dance and Choreography including Cunningham and Graham Technique, Bartenieff, and many other 20th century dancers. While at university, she studied a variety of dance forms including Tribal Belly Dance, Hula, East Coast Swing, Ballroom, and Contact Improvisation in addition to continuing her Ballet training. Ballet has always been her first love and it’s her firm belief that the technique learned in Ballet is beneficial not only in learning other dance forms, but also in maintaining the body’s structural integrity in everyday life.

After some time away from dance, Lela was introduced to Argentine Tango in 2013 when she was going through a very difficult time in her life. She firmly believes that reconnecting with dance and finding the Montana Tango community saved her life. Since then she has taken tango classes with instructors from all over the world and takes every opportunity to learn more about tango. She loves the technicality and improvisational nature of Tango as well as the opportunity to connect and dance with a partner to create a piece of ephemeral art each time you step on the dance floor.

In 2019, Lela began teaching at 5678 Dance Studio in Uptown Butte where she teaches beginning Ballet, Modern, East Coast Swing, and Ballroom. In 2021, she co-founded Butte Tango. She teaches tango classes at 5678 and hosts monthly tango events at the Clark Chateau.
When she’s not dancing, Lela can be found playing with her horse and her dogs (a German Shepherd and a giant Golden Retriever) as well as running her own business, Lela Rae Designs. She creates engaging web designs, graphic designs, and creative content for small businesses to help them tell their stories. 

Shelly Raggl Young

Reclaiming Your Creative Spirit

Shelly Raggl Young is a best-selling author, mindfulness practitioner, Creative Guide, certified Reiki and Shamanic energy healer, mother, teacher, and artist. She was born and still resides in Billings, Montana. In 2018, she was inspired to create a business to help others return to a state of inner balance where body, mind, and spirit are in alignment. It’s from this place of balance that she was able to hear the callings of her soul. Lone Raven Art was born.


Her journey back to spirit, to her soul’s calling, started with creativity. In addition to creating artwork and jewelry inspired by nature and her beautiful surroundings, her work has evolved with her to include intuitive art, shamanic reiki energy healing, and teaching through sacred creativity. The next step on her path is pulling together her knowledge and gifts to offer mindful self-awareness coaching to help individuals connect to their highest selves.


Her programs are individually tailored to benefit anyone from the individual who has lost themselves in the process of living their lives to the C-Suite professional who has sacrificed health and wellbeing for the sake of their career.

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Sally Erickson Headshot.png

Sally Erickson

Reclaiming Real & Trusted Relationships

Sally has a 40-year career in the helping fields, initially working as a college intern in teenage drug and alcohol recovery groups, then later as a “teaching parent” in a residential facility with emotionally troubled children, then as a counselor facilitating groups for domestic abuse survivors. She then earned a Master’s degree in Child Development/Family Relations and Counseling and developed a private practice working for over 30 years with individuals, couples, and families.

Sally also spearheaded two alternative education programs. The first was a small pilot public school program that focused on hands-on learning, mixed-age groups, and collaborative problem solving and encouraging parent involvement in the classroom. She then served on the board of a start-up self-directed education program and facilitated the school’s parent support group.

Over the years, Sally has designed and facilitated numerous stand-alone workshops, teaching interpersonal communication and formal dialogue skills, lay ministry development, and parenting. Sally has also been an entrepreneur, with the design and construction of a commercial solar-heated greenhouse in a tiny community on the coast of Maine. From that venture evolved a cottage industry that continues now as a small family business, producing organic cotton vegetable storage bags.

Sally loves to witness transformation: be that of an individual psyche, a close relationship, a family system, or the restoration of beauty in the from of a home or cast-off piece of furniture. She has the wisdom, skills, and courage to look and speak directly and with compassion to painful and challenging circumstances. She is gifted and blessed with the knack for seeing and articulating unseen potentials and the hidden positive intentions underneath what might seem as negative or dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

Tracy Miller

Reclaiming Stillness

Tracy Miller is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of stillness and
meditation for healing and connecting with a higher power. After an extensive recovery
from burnout, people-pleasing, and  achievement-chasing, she dedicated herself to
understanding the intersections of mindfulness, trauma, self-care, and personal growth.

Tracy holds a BA in Psychology, as well as a substance abuse counseling license. She is
currently immersed in a three-year certification course to become a Somatic Experience® practitioner. Her heart lies in guiding individuals towards awakening, fostering meaningful connections with the Universe, and embarking on journeys of healing through traditional Eastern practices. During the day, she works with the criminal population in a treatment center, offering substance abuse counseling and holistic healing practices. She firmly believes that everyone's journey begins somewhere and
finds joy in meeting people right where they are – in this present moment.

As a speaker, Tracy brings a special blend of expertise and gentle wisdom to her
presentations. Drawing from her own experiences and extensive research, she
empowers her audience to cultivate inner peace, resilience, and balance in their lives
through meditation and mindfulness. With her warm and inviting approach, Tracy leads
participants on an inward journey, providing practical tools, adaptable techniques, and
deep insights to support them in starting, restarting, or continuing their meditation


Deb Penner

Reclaiming Regulation

Reclaiming Rage

Reclaiming Rest

Deb Penner is your retreat host. Deb is a transformative mentor for women, as well as an author, speaker, creator of community, and an unfailingly passionate guide for her sisters. She believes Feminine magic will heal the world and is here as a facilitator of the Divine Feminine unleashing. It's Deb's mission to guide women to recognize and align with their innermost values, wisdom, and gifts empowering them to build a joyful life from the inside out.


A professional change agent for nearly 20 years, Deb loves walking beside women as they shed layers of cultural expectation to uncover their unique light. She brings vibrant energy, compassion, and practical strategies to her clients and followers, and lives to see women at their best, individually and in community. 

When she's not managing mindsets or smashing limitations, you'll find Deb outdoors with her two dogs, in the kitchen falling deeper in love with food, on a dance floor lost in live music, or curled up with a book.

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