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Meditating in Nature

Reclaim what's 

Reclaiming the Feminine Experience

As women, we are so often provided our experience by external sources. We're told how we should look, how we can act. We're offered a limited scope of careers, a socially acceptable list of creative outlets. How we speak, dress, walk, and talk; how we love and move; even how we procreate and give birth is dictated for us. 

But female energy is Shakti energy. Women are filled with, and guided by, The Power That Is All Things. We don't need a list of dictates, a set of approved emotions and expressions, an experience created for us. We are an experience. 

The theme of our retreat never changes. It is Reclaiming the Feminine Experience. These weekends are about standing in our Shakti, our power, the essence that is feminine, the well of power from which all things spring. Join us to reclaim what is yours.

Healing Connections
Healing Connections
An intimate weekend for healers & coaches to receive.
Sep 29, 5:00 PM – Oct 01, 3:00 PM
Location is TBD

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What women are saying

"The support, safety, and sheer love I experienced will not soon be forgotten."


"Amazing. Incredibly inspiring."


"Very powerful. The meditations seemed to totally work for me, and I felt able to release something I've been really holding on to. Brought tears to my eyes, in a good way"


"A very fulfilling and superbly soul satisfying weekend! Great fun, and I know it will be the foundation of the next tier/level of evolutionary growth and expansion for so many of us."

"I loved every second of this event."

"I felt love and grace. It was easy to be myself. I am a very spiritual and this weekend deepened that."





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Meet Your Host


Deb Penner

Deb is a life coach, author, speaker, and radically passionate guide for women. A professional change agent for nearly 20 years, Deb's passion lies in seeing women create the results they want in every area of their lives. Deb's professional mission is to offer women permission, provocation, and powerful tools to find their authentic center so they can start living joyfully from that space. Her straight forward style and insightful observation allow her to create a caring but challenging space for her clients to explore who they truly want to be in the world.

When she's not coaching her face off, you'll most likely find Deb in the kitchen, outdoors, or with a book in her hand. No matter where you find her, one or more dogs are likely to be in tow. She's probably got a smile on her face, an idea brewing, and a few "colorful" words to spice up the story she's been waiting to tell you. 

Along with leading women in change, Deb loves to bring them together, creating various forms of the tribe that is missing from so many women's hearts and lives. FEnomenon was born in 2021 when Deb and her friend Amy Lowney started talking about ways to help women who wanted a transition in their professional lives. As the two talked about a workshop for a few specific ladies, Amy said the words that started it all...why do something for 5 or 6 women when we can do something for all women?

Just like that, a retreat was born! FEnomenon reflects the best of what Deb loves to offer her sisters--community, passion, learning, challenge, sacred space, and inspiration. 

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